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Skyline Dreams was launched in April of 2020. Completely out of boredom and the urge to reawaken my old hobbies, I set to the computer and built/designed this website. The name is based on the old neighborhood I lived in.

First Edition - The banner is a photo I took from the last time I visited San Francisco.

I've always enjoyed The Fanlistings and joined many over the years and I did own a few, too. To all the staffers and my previous affiliates: I'm terribly sorry for the broken links. I kind of fell off and let all my websites expire.

I started making websites on Geocities back in 1999. (Yes, I am THAT old) I learned basic html & Photoshop in college and started a website blog in 2002. My first and only host was my good friend Lor at eloquentia{dot}net. After that, I owned a domain named inkreverie{dot}com. I also was a part of a site called Retail Therapy, where we blogged about our recent purchases, made wishlists and shared our shopping interests and vices. If we kept that website up, we would've been influencers by now. ;)

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The views expressed on this site are of my own. As a fan, I do not own any intellectual properties listed on my fanlisting page.